Welcome one and all to the blog that is pro Olive trees!

I will explain a little now about the campaign, some of you may know from our Facebook group but bare with me and have a read.

This year myself and a group of friends assisted farmers in the villages surrounding Nablus in the olive harvest. We have all been in Palestine a little while now and were well aware of the situation with settlers and olive trees. The kind of situation that ends in farmers loosing many trees to Israeli settlers uprooting, hacking to death or burning. It is one thing reading about this and it is quite another to form bonds with the farmers and walk on the barren lands which once rooted their beautiful ancient trees. Well the olive harvest has been over for a month or so now and I soon realised that while we creep up to Christmas my thoughts weren’t on the traditional Christmas  tree, but a much more special tree.(in my opinion) I still had my mind on the Olive trees.

This year has been a rough one for Farmers in Palestine. In one village alone, Burin (Nablus) over 4000 olive trees have been destroyed by Israeli settlers. Qusra had its first Martyr, Essam Aoudhi who was murdered by Israeli soldiers while trying to defend his olive trees and land. Attacks leading up to the olive harvest were coming thick and fast, with the Israeli settlers ensuring the most amount of damage before the harvest, causing unbelievable loss to farmers revenue.

In January volunteers in Palestine will join the farmers to show solidarity in projects such as land repair, ploughing for the new season and replanting olive trees. It is the latter project that we ask for help with. I ask from the most sincere of places for you to make a donation of whatever you may be able to afford. We are looking to raise as much as possible to buy olive trees and donate to villages. Olive trees cost about $3 at the moment plus transport which isn’t that much really. Buy an olive tree along with your Christmas tree this year, or if your Jewish why not buy eight for the eight evenings of Hanukkah.

Please feel free to donate through our PayPal account using the email: zatoun.nablus@gmail.com. If you need more information i will be more than happy to answer any emails, again with the address of zatoun.nablus@gmail.com.

Also, join our Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/events/303054043050141/

Thank you so much!

Salaam Alaikum


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