Thank you

I would like to say a sincere and heartfelt thank you to everyone who has donated and supported the olive tree campaign so far. It may not have been money that you parted with, you may have just spread the word but my thanks are of equal measures to everybody. I am wrongly surprised at the amount of support we have received and for that i should apologise.

Since the campaign began we have had donations nearly daily from all around the world. Australia, Italy, France, America, Canada, Sweden, Finland…the list goes on. We have received support from past volunteers, hopeful future volunteers, refugees, tree lovers and just fantastical lovely generous people. I would even say that i have built new friendships from back and forth correspondence about the campaign through email.

So thank you, on every level, thank you.You are all helping in so many more ways than you think.

Lovely trees from the electrical company..MashAllah

We recently had a little meeting with ‘Northern electrical company’. This is a Palestinian energy provider company. We went following up on a letter asking for support and left with 150 olive trees. So again, Thank you. They are resting on a roof in Nablus waiting for this saturday to be planted. Our first location will be Iraq Burin in the Nablus region. We of course will post an update and some pictures (without trying to look like a publicity stunt) of the event.

Well I wish you all peace and relaxation for the evening, we are off to a fantastic start but i feel we have more in us yet. We have a little over $1000 which we are so very proud of everyone for but i know you all feel the same as us and we want to give back to as many farmers as possible.


Lydia and Amal


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