The Harvest this year.

This year me and a group of friends became involved in the olive harvest in the surrounding villages of Nablus, here are a collection of photos gathered. They show the good times and the hard times that are faced not only throughout the harvest, but throughout every day life here in Palestine.

Our friend showing resistance perching on his olive tree.

A fantastic image, a friend in Qarlyute impressed with his harvest.

Everybody coming together to pick the olives.

A family at work on their trees, with a little help from some friends.

Son joins his father during the harvest.

The succesful harvest of a very generous tree, Alhamdollah.

Soldiers arrive to put a stop to the days work.

Soldiers interrupt the harvest in Burin, Nablus. Apparently they need a permit to pick their olives on their own land.

A very sorry sight as we are told to pack up for the day. This may have been the end of Olive picking for this day but this did not discourage anybody to not enter their land the next day, and the next and the next.


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